Open Realty Templates 6

Realty 6

Beautiful wide width Open Realty template with additional add-ons and functionality.

Other scripts used with permission

Some add-ons uses open source or free scripts to implement additional features so you must obtain full licensing to remove certain restriction if there are any. Here are some of the links.

This template comes with blank images for your customization.

This template uses a customized search class and search page default. In Open Realty default search, it would always show you the search form on the search_page_default.html when you search by class. I found this to be frustrating because the search form shows no selection for your Min-Max fields when the category is empty, so you cannot really search any further. In our customized template we simply hide the form when the class returns no result and shows it only when there is an option to select more options.
We have also replaced the {browse_all_listings_pcclass} with the {browse_all_listings} because it would still say "Browse All Listing In This Property Class (0) ", you cannot browse 0 listings. We have added a small add-on called "catsearch" that we placed on the search page to compensate for this. If there is another solution, let us know.

Please note that you are responsible for the formation of the content you place in those section. They are designed for standard formatted text or images. You should know about HTML and CSS before you start getting fancy, you can break the template if you do not know what you are doing. This applies to any templates you will ever purchase anywhere.

  • featured_listing_vertical.html (With mouse-over larger image view)
  • listing_detail_default.html (With Grey Box view add-on and Grey Box pop-ups)
  • page1_main.html (With Flash Slideshow Featured Listing and thumb nails)
  • Formatted printer friendly page
  • search_class_default.html (Customized with icons and tabs)
  • search_page_default.html (Customized, see demo)
  • search_result_default.html (Customized, see demo)
Add-on Tag and Description Used in
catsearch {addon_catsearch_form}
Used to show dropdown of class with numbers on the search page.
catview {addon_catview_show}
Shows a table with number of listings in each class with a link to the search results page.
featuredcheck {addon_featuredcheck_show}
Shows an image in search results page when the listing is featured.
greyslide (2.x)
colorbox (3.0.x and 3.1.x)
Produces a Grey Box viewing effects to your listing images.
search {addon_search_page}
CSS formatted search layout
vsearch {addon_vsearch_form}
Vertical search, Calss, City, Sate, Text Search and Listing ID


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