Open Realty Addon Agent Search

Search for agent and Company

This addon allows users to search agents using the view_users_default.html template or you can
specify a custom "view_users_xxxxx.html" in the addon.

Find the line below to make changes.
$page->load_page($config['template_path'] . '/view_users_search_results.html');
For this we included view_users_search_results.html as your custom page.


This addon was designed to allow search for the agent's
1. Office
2. City
3. Zip Code
4. First and Last name

You need to make sure you have the following fields in the "Edit AgentTemplate" (The names are case sensetive)
1. company
Make this a select list and for "Field Elements" use the format
Office A||Office B||Office C||Office D and so on
2. city
3. zip
Last and First name are already there by default.


  • product code: XJHTIG
  • product type: digital download

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