Open Realty Template Realty21 - ColorPack

Realty 21 Color Pack (Realty 21 with 3 extra colors)

Orange Demo
Blue Demo
Green Demo
Red Demo

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Addons included in this template package.

Addon Name Description
awkfeatured Open Realty Featured Gallery powered by (Awkward Group) (Not used in this template)
categoryselect Used to create a list of the Property Classed with labels and selectboxes
chainedsearch Ajax Drill Down search with many tag options. This give flexible and accurate search results.
featuredcheck Shows an image in search results page when the listing is featured.
listviewul Used to better control the view and layout of
ortlatest Show a list of your latest listings. You can choose the amount you want to show by changing the number in the add-on file. (Not used in this template)
orate Allows your visitors to rate your listings
ortqrc Show QR-Code for listing info and Agent Info
otherlistings Show a thumbnail layout of the Agent's other listings on both the listing page and the View User page
Gallery layout using the popular JQuery Pretty Gallery library
Shows a nice four (4) image layout on the printer-friendly page
CSS formatted search layout
sharethis Add share this link to your listing pages. Remember to edit the Publisher Number in the config file


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