Open Realty Addon - Other Agents

OR 3.1.X
OR 3.2.X up to 3.2.9
This add-on simply allows you to add more agent(s) to a listing on the listing page.
It does not alter any Open Realty tables or give the additional agent(s) editing rights to the listing.

From your admin edit listing page, via a check box layout of all the agents on the site, you will be able to select other agent to associate to that listing.

Please note that this will show the other agents associated to the listing when viewed in the "edit listing" in admin and "listing details page" but will not show up on the additional agents' list of listings when viewing the agents' profiles.
The listing will still belong only to one agent and can only be edited by that agent. It only allow the agent info to show up on the listing page as an additional agent to contact.


  • product code: JIOHFH
  • product type: digital download

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