Open Realty Addon Multi Level User for 2.5.X

FOR OR 2.5.X Only
This addon allows you to
1. Create additional user groups with preset access levels
2. Edit or delete user groups
3. Activate or Deactivate groups (You can activate a group until you are ready to display it on the site).
4. Hides empty groups until someone is added to the group.
5. Create users and add them to anyone of those preset user groups.
6. Change the user's user group


FOR OR 2.5.X Only
Another thing this addon address is the fact that currently in Open Realty, after you create a user, you cannot change their status for
Is an Admin:
Is an Agent:
Now you can simply do that by placing that user in one of those preset user group with those settings set to yes or no according to your needs.
1. You can still add users via the Open Realty user manager and then later use this addon to place users in different groups.
2. You still need to use Open Realty's user manager to delete users. When a user is deleted via the Open Realty user manager, they are deleted from the group also.
3. You still need the Open Realty user manager to add and edit the addition user info for the extra fields you created with Open Realty's "Agent Field Editor" and "Member Field Editor"
4. We have added the icon to the Open Realty "User Manager" withing this addon to facilitate quick assess to the Open Realty "User Manger" functions.
5. VERY IMPORTANT: In order to view members on the site you need to
a. Use Open Realty's "Member Field Editor" and create a field call "public_profile" (Without the quotes)
b. Set "Field Type" to "Select List"
c. In "Field Elements" place the value "No||Yes" (Without the quotes)
This is important because for privacy purposes, the addon only displays members when the "public_profile" value is set to "Yes"
Menu Labels
1. Manage Groups: This allows you to Add and Edit user groups
2. Create / Manage User: This allows you to
a. Create users and add them to groups.
b. You can also change the group users belongs to.
c. Add a user to group if they do not belong to a group
3. OR User Manager: Links you to Open Realty's default "User Manager" for your convenience.
Some of the headings and titles or place in a language file so if you are trying to do modifications and cannot find a string within any of the addon files, have a look in
User Views:
This addon still use the Open Realty "view_user_xxxxx.html" to view agent's portfolio/detail info, however because we have added the ability to view "Members" info, we had to create our own view page
because Open Realty does not allow viewing of none-agents on the "view_user_xxxxx.html" page.
When viewing a "Member" (None-Agent), it does not use the Open Realty "view_user_xxxxx.html" template file.
We might add a template system for this view later but currently you can make changes only in the addon at the "multiusers_display_members" function.
1. If you want to hide an agent or a member, you can create a group, make it Inactive and then place those Agents/Members in that group and use only the addon to display Agents/Members
2. If you have a company website that is divided into offices, you use this addon to create those offices as groups and then display the users based on their offfice.

FOR OR 2.5.X Only

Places a list of all the current active groups on your page
Any page but will go well on the "view_users_default.html" page
{addon_multiusers_display_members}As stated above, Open Realty does not allow the viewing of "Members" (those who signup as members on the open realty site). Because they are considered none agents, they cannot be viewed in the "view_users_xxxxx.html" or the "view_user_xxxxx.html". This tag provides the ability for you to view the users and also to view a profile for them.Any page but will go well on the "view_users_default.html" page

You can also place tags of individual groups. (See examples below)
NOTE:Tag names will be based on the group names you created. The tags below are example so please read carefully to grasp the concept of the group name tagging.
{addon_multiusers_brokers}Places tags to view all members of the "Broker" groupAny page but will go well on the "view_users_default.html" page
{addon_multiusers_manager}Places tags to view all members of the "Manager" groupAny page but will go well on the "view_users_default.html" page
{addon_multiusers_office_worker}Places tags to view all members of the "Office Worker" group. Note all group names must be lowercase and replace space with "_" (No quotes)
Any page but will go well on the "view_users_default.html" page


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