Open Realty Addon Multi-Delete

Addon Name: deletelistings

This addons allows you to delete more than one listing at a time.
To use just simplyclick on the icon and you will be taken to the a page showing your listings.

Funtions and abilities
1. Ability to choose amount of listings per page.
2. Shows amount of listings on current page
3. Shows Total listings for the current user or all listing based on your access level.
4. Ability to enter a page ID and jump directly to that page.
5. Requires confirmation before delete
6. This addon uses the colorbox library to popup listing info when you click on the listing thumbnail. This is very convienit for quick editing.
7. In most cases, you can use this addon instead of the default Open Realty "Edit Listings" function.

We know that this addon will make editing and deleting listings in Open Realt much easier.


  • product code: AQ9FP4
  • product type: digital download

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