Open Realty Template 18

Realty 18
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OR 3.2.X

Beautiful Open-Realty Template with appropriate files and extra add-ons.

The "gallerythumbfeatured18" and "gallerythumb18" addons uses a Open Source gallery script and is limited to a maximum of 10 images per listing.
If you purchase the "Gallery Install", we will install an unlimited version on your server, or you can purchase your own license on the site here and replace the gallery .swf file to remove the limitation.
Do this only if you want to show more than 10 featured listings and if you want to show more than 10 images per listing.

This template comes with psd (Photoshop) files for your customization.
Please note that you are responsible for the formation of the content you place in those section. They are designed for standard formatted text or images. You should know about HTML and CSS before you start getting fancy, you can break the template if you do not know what you are doing. This applies to any templates you will ever purchase anywhere. NOTE: If you do not need the special home (main page) just delete or rename the file "page1_main.html"


  • Accordion Featured Listing
  • Drill Down Ajax Search addon
  • featured_listing_horizontal (With scroll)
  • latest_listing_horizontal.html (With scroll)
  • Flexible agent search addon
  • listing_detail_default.html (With tabs)
  • page1_main.html (With Flash Gallery Featured Listing and thumb nails)
  • Formatted printer friendly page
  • search_class_default.html (Customized with icons and tabs)
  • search_page_default.html (Customized, see demo)
  • search_result_default.html (Customized, see demo)
Addon Name Description
agentsearch A very flexible agent search that allows you to search by the Agent's name and option to search by zip, city or company.
categories Shows category (class) images. You must upload images with exact name as class in the admin.
catview Shows a table with number of listings in each class with a link to the search results page.
chainsearch Ajax Drill Down search with many tag options. This give flexible and accurate search results.
contactform A very flexible contact for with option to add your own field from the control panel. Note: This is an old version of PBFlash's current contact form before it went commercial and can only be obtained with the purchase of this template.
gallerythumb18 Used to show listing images on the listing view page.
gallerythumbfeatured18 Featured Listing Slideshow with thumbnails and an configuration file for customization.
multfeat Used to bypass and control the number of featured listing shown for each featured listing template.
search CSS formatted search layout


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