Open Realty Template Template Monster Conversion

Template Monster to Open Realty

Template conversion is based on the design and complexity of the template so there is not a fixed cost for conversion.

Our attempt is not to make the template look exactly as the one from Template Monster but rather to use that template to implement your Open Realty listings a best as possible.
There are cases where we can attempt to create add-ons to mimic the template as close as possible so it is based on your needs.

The Procedure:

  • You purchase the template from us or you may have already purchased the template from Template Monster
  • You send us the template
  • We will convert the template and then display a demo for you to view.
  • You will then approve the template. (If you do not approved, you will not be charged and no delivery will be made)
  • If you approve the finished work, a price will be given based on the time it took to convert the template and we will deliver your template to you.

    However, we do a have base start-up cost for conversion and that is $399.00.
    Based on the functionality needed to make the template look and feel like the original, it will most likely exceed $399.99 for the average conversion.

Installation of the template is separate and does not include adding Open Realty listings, content or add-ons. If you need more than just a template conversion please contact us for a quote for a full Open Realty site development based on your template of choice.

The process is simple.
Simply choose a template below or provide one you have already purchased, make your purchase and then we will provide you with upload instructions.

Full Details


  • product code: CBK8F6
  • product type: physically shipped

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